Greetings and Welcome to this course. Java 8 has come up with some exciting new features which could brighten your day in your next Java project. Being a Java developer it is very essential to learn this skill to stay upgraded in the market, exploit the benefits of those new features, upgrade your coding practices and impress your superiors.

Course Overview

  • Quickly get updated to Java 8 features
  • Write Lambda Expressions in Java 8
  • Use Functional Interfaces
  • Process data using Stream API
  • Apply method References

What are the requirements?

  • Basics of coding in Java
  • Eclipse IDE
  • JDK
  • A fresh mind and a Coffee!!!

What is the target audience?

  • Java developers looking for upgrade to Java 8
  • Java developer looking to have an edge with latest trend

All you need to know about the training.

What will you get?

Downloadable course content.


Exercise Code Files.

Topics covered

  • Quick start to Lambda Expressions.
  • Characteristics of Lambda Expressions.
  • Functional Interfaces.
  • Some Important functional interfaces such as Predicate, Consumer and Function Functional Interfaces.
  • Introduction to Method References
  • Properties of Method References
  • Introduction to Streams
  • Some important Stream operations such as Filter, Map, Match, Find, Limit, Reduce and Collectors.


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