Are you ready for next generation framework for Web Development which is used by the giants and leveraged by experts ?


Learn everything you need to know to get started building a Node.js and MongoDB Application. This course will go over essential JS skills, Node.js introduction, making modules in Node.js, making web applications in Express, CRUD in MongoDB and NodeJS interfacing. In the course, you will work on sample case studies which you will face in your real world scenarios in Web Application development. We will share the course material and all the exercise files in this course. All participants are free to reach out in case of queries or difficulties in future.

Why Node.js and MongoDb?

Within a short time, the usage of Node.js and MongoDB has been accelerated tremendously. From LinkedIN to Trello, developers have leveraged the potential and benefits of this new MEAN stack. Not only it is beneficial to the organizations for faster delivery and return on investment, learning this stack is cool row for your CV for your next Job.

For Professionals

  • New Trend in market.
  • Growing community.
  • In demand, highly paid jobs.
  • Complete JS Stack.

For Companies

  • Faster coding time.
  • Faster Delivery.
  • Robust Framework.
  • Good Return on Investment.

All you need to know about the training.

What will you get?

Downloadable course content.


Exercise Code Files.

Topics covered

Node Js

  • Intro
  • Setup
  • NPM Intro
  • Callback concepts
  • Event Loop
  • Buffers and IO
  • Web Applications in Node js
  • Making your API in node js


  • Intro
  • Setup
  • Modeling
  • Data bases operation
  • Collections and documents
  • Document Operations
  • Sorting and indexing
  • Aggregation
  • Interfacing with Node JS


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